My students on History of Economics

From this year’s student evaluations:

This has been by far the most enjoyable yet stimulating module for me during my time at Bristol.

This unit was by far the best unit I have taken at this university. I found my own academic interest in this unit and because of it I now know that I want to pursue History of Economic Thought for my postgraduate degree.

Best course of my university career so far. I learnt some great lessons and feel like it wouldn’t have been the same without the commited tutors.

I wish there would be a third year offering too as I would have done that after having enjoyed it so much this year.  My favourite unit of the year hands down.

This is the unit which I most enjoyed studying for during this year and it was very helpful to build my confidence t develop my own ideas as well as enhancing my writing skills.

It was really a great unit. I feel like I have a much better understanding of my degree and economics as a whole because of this unit. It’s definitely the most interesting and engaging unit I’ve done so far. It should be compulsory!

I am always humbled to hear back from our students. More reactions here.