PPE Workshop

The Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Guanajuato introduces current research at the intersection of these three disciplines bringing together students and scholars from across the social sciences and humanities.

Past events

Thursday, January 28th 2016
Tom Froese (Complexity studies, UNAM)
“Can Government Be Self-Organized?”

Thursday, September 17th 2015
Mike Munger (Political Science, Economics, Duke University)
Book discussion: “Choosing in Groups“

Friday, October 10th 2014
Dan Klein (Economics, George Mason University)
“The Semantic History of Liberalism“

Monday and Tuesday, October 13-14th 2014
Graciela Márquez Colín (Economic History, Colegio del México)
“The Fiscal History” and the “The Construction of an Historic Human Development Index”